We Offer Online Basketball Training To Help Players and Coaches Stay Connected, Stay Learning, and Stay Improving!

It can be exceptionally difficult to find a new normal during this time. Finding a consistent schedule, consistent ways to stay active, to do consistent workouts, or finding consistent direction may be frustrating. For the remainder of quarantine, I would like to help us find more consistency, fun, energy, and education by inviting ALL Coaches, Parents, and Athletes to a FREE 30-minute online group training sessions. 

Educated Online Group Training (E.O.G)

When: Every Saturday at 9:00-9:30 AM During Quarantine. Will Resume Again In The Future.

How Much Does It Cost: FREE!

What Is Done During The EOG:

1. 8 Minute Basketball Specific Body Workout (agility Training, Lower Body Explosiveness, etc.   

2. Film Breakdown of some of the best sets, player decisions, and skills

3. Ball Handling, Shooting, or Finishing Workouts

4. Thought For The Day  

How Do I Join: Email clinton@educatedballer.com and ask to receive the Zoom access for the group training session


Educated Online Team/Program Training (E.O.T)

Coaches, we also have a second offer for your entire team and the entire program...

When the dust clears and teams return to play some teams will have improved their leadership, fitness, and culture. Those teams will pick up right where they left off while other teams will be starting over. We would like to help by offering 4 weeks of 30-minute Zoom Team or entire program meetings, (1 call per week) with teams. At these meetings, we will cover

1. Leadership Training

2. Custom shooting, ball handling, finishing, etc. workout programs for players to track

3. Videos of team workouts for players to go back watch before each workout

4. 8 Minute basketball/body workout

5. Mental focus for the day

6. Film breakdown tailored to what your team may need most (Can even do your personal team film)

For inquiries and registration please email clinton@educatedballer.com

In the email include if you are requiring information for one team or a program as well as your teams/programs evening availability. We will respond to the email within 24hrs.