Summer Training Camp 

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Introducing Educated Training

We are committed to educating and equipping players with the on/off-court tools, and work ethic necessary for them to obtain a fulfilling career.

Educated Baller provides proficient, elite basketball/life skills training that molds athletes into players who can dominate on the floor, in the classroom, and beyond.

When players train with us we will guide them to work hard, maximize their moment, work/train every day towards their dream and build the mindset to achieve their goals.

All in all, we help players learn how to incessantly chase their dreams.

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What Others Are Saying About Educated Baller...

"Training at the Educated Baller Training Camp improved my shot, made me more confident, and taught me how to train at a high level. I loved my time at camp and I can not wait to come back"

  • Brandon H

"Sending my son to the Educated Baller Training Camp was the best sporting camp I have ever sent him to. I can not wait to sign him up again next year."

  • Mark R

At Educated Baller we believe every athlete deserves the opportunity to train at an elite level if they have the motivation and desire. If a player is unable to financially make the investment, but desires to come to our group training please contact Clinton at

We look forward to working with you!